by Tamsyn Steytler | Grade 2 Educator

Finding the Balance

We all have an outlet, something we do which puts us in a better space. Collects your thoughts or prepares you for your next challenge. But we tend to find our favourite outlet much later in life. How are children in the foundation phase dealing with their stress or challenges? As teachers and parents, we tend to forget that children as young as these, need to find their outlet and as their elders we need to encourage them to choose one.

As an educator today I have noticed how many of our young learners struggle to find a balance. As parents and mentors, we need to encourage them to find a healthy outlet. Technology has changed our whole education system for the better and I am not discouraging it for any educational purpose. However, children will often create their own digital world and disconnect themselves from the real world by watching too much T.V and spending too much time behind a device than outside. Moderation is key here.

Our Role as Parents

This is our role as parents and educators to start introducing children to sport while they are still very impressionable. To let them sweat out their frustrations, develop their social skills within teams and promote an overall healthy, balanced lifestyle. As educators we have found that children gain discipline through the structured nature of sport. Therefore, taking it away from them for bad behaviour is completely counterproductive. Sport is something to get excited about, something to look forward to after school. We need to promote a positive attitude towards sport.

So, I am asking all parents to encourage their children to find a fitness passion. No more; “my child is not the sporty type” and “I want them to focus more on their academics”. It really is true that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind and finding a balance between both physical and mental will lead to a well-rounded child.

“Our role as parents and educators are to start introducing children to sport while they are still very impressionable.” -Tamsyn Steytler

Having studied Early Childhood Development at university, I have seen the differences between an active and non-active child. I am not saying throw out the Math books or ditch the computer. But let them have access to as many building blocks as possible. Let’s ready them for a formal schooling and equip them properly. As we properly nurture our special “seed”, who knows what their capabilities are? Doctor, lawyer or architect?  Let’s find out!

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